“I respect the attitude of taking risks and challenge while thinking hard.
Anyway, fight out now with every effort and just keep going.”

Shota Hoshi, Professional Futsal Player
Bardral Urayasu Club, 2012-

星 翔太プロフットサル選手、バルドラール浦安所属

Hoshi is the captain of Japan national team and Bardral Urayasu club in Japan. He distinguished himself as one of the best futsal player in Japan and contracted with the teams in Spain and Qatar.
After he returned to Japan, he was selected as a member of Japan national futsal team and participated in the World Cup in 2012 and contributed the team to go on to the final tournament. Hoshi and Takita were selsected as the co-captain of the Japan national futsal team in 2014 and they lead the team to win.


Fashion director: Koji Hongo / Pt.Alfred, Tokyo
Photographer: araitakuo, Tokyo
Hair stylist: Issei Matsuzawa / SWAG. Tokyo