“Futsal is the thing that I am good at
and I am always excited about making contributions to the society with it.”

Manabu Takita, Professional Futsal Player
ASV Pescadola Machida, 2007-

滝田 学プロフットサル選手、ASVペスカドーラ町田所属

If one can earn money and live with a job that one eager to do and does it better than others, it means that the person is very lucky hard worker. Takita is a hard working very lucky athlete.
When futsal started its history in Japan, 10-year-old Takita encountered the sports and devoted himself to it and he was selected one of the member of the professional futsal team in 2007.
When he graduated from university he thought about giving up his futsal carrier. He thought he should not to and decided to continue it for his life.
Now, he is one of the top professional futsal players in Japan. He and Hoshi became the co-captain of the Japan national futsal team in 2014. They lead the team and won the Asia futsal cup in 2014.


Fashion director: Koji Hongo / Pt.Alfred, Tokyo
Photographer: araitakuo, Tokyo
Hair stylist: Issei Matsuzawa / SWAG. Tokyo